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 Guide to Conjunctions

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PostSubject: Guide to Conjunctions   Fri Jul 17, 2009 8:21 am

As you know I'm kinda psyched about conjunctions and always wanting do something fancy instead of the same GGGBB. During our adventures I've noticed that when fighting single mobs we get conjunctions off nicely, but vs multiple mobs it doesn't work that well. Therefore, I've decided to write some guidelines how to make this easy.

The key to conjunctions is using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse. Even if you think you're really fast with the mouse you still lose 0.5-1 second just searching the dial and pressing the right colour. The other critical factor is the conjunction assist. Instead of trying to point your cursor on the icon it's so much faster to just click a button and it'll select the conjunction target automatically.

It doesn't really matter how you bind your keys, but I will present my way that really works nicely in my opinion. Under key bindings you will find the section for fellowship manoeuvres. First of all bind the fellowship assist to a key that is close at hand. Since we use the WASD-system for moving I've decide to use X as my fellowship assist key. So whenever you see someone popping a conjunction and see the icon turn up just press X and you're targeting the conjunction target. Very simple and handy. That saves you easily at least 1 second.

As for the icons they're placed on the dial like this: Top = red, Right = Green, Bottom = Yellow and Left = Blue. So under the same key binding menu you can bind keys for top, right, bottom and left fellowship icons. Again because of the WASD-system you will want these close at hand. So I bind them according to the dial. Shift+W = Top (Red), Shift+D = Right (Green), Shift+S = Bottom (Yellow) and Shift+A = Left (Blue).

If you do this you can save a lot of time and forget about the mouse. When you're for example going blue all you need to do is press X if you're not targeting the conjunction target already and then press shift+A and voilá you're done.

Alright now that we have the keys setup let's move on. If you press the wrong colour by mistake don't just stand there and ruin the conjunction, but cancel it instead and press the right colour this time. You can cancel a contribution with at least three ways (i think pressing another colour or the same colour again might work too). 1. Move in any direction. 2. Jump 3. Press Esc. Of these three I really recommend moving in any direction because it's the fastest one. Jump is ok, but it takes a while to land and press a new conjunction. No offense Fi, but you usually use jump it takes a while before you press again. It can be 1-2 seconds. I might be wrong on this but it seems moving is faster. Just one step is enough and then you can immediately press again as long as you're standing still. Esc is good, but takes a while to move your finger to Esc.

In straights pressing the wrong colour usually ends up in disaster unless everyone watches the dial and lets the one who pressed wrong quickly fix the faulty colour to the right one. Just wait patiently because it's better to get a 3-man straight right than pressing 6 random colours and getting nothing.

In conclusion I will comment something on different conjunctions. In my opinion fellowships use straights really rarely although they are very good. The good thing with straights is that if you get three colours right you get something. Every colour after that just adds more and make the conjunction stronger. I'm not saying GGGBB or BBGGG are bad. They're easily some of the best conjunctions to use, but should in my opinion be used for difficult boss fights mostly. Another alternative for easier boss fights is GYYYYB or a straight with two yellows for maximum cripple. They add a nice dot and also give a +10% attack duration and -20% movement speed debuff on the boss. I think the dots are better than 5xY.

For trash mobs in instances RRRRRX is the best to use for maximum aoe althought straights with two reds are also counted as aoe and give wounds and other effects too. For healing RRRRRG is actually very good. If I recall correctly it's over 400 morale ever 2 seconds for 20 seconds so it's really powerful. I don't remember the HoT effect of GGGBB or GGGGGG. That reminds me that going 6xsome colour is mostly useless because you won't get anything for it. This also applies for fullhouses. You can just go random colour in the end if the fullhouse gets completed. Going GGGBBB only gives the last contributer maybe 100 extra power so might aswell go red or yellow in the end for some damage. The only exception is RRRYYY in that order which is a unique combination and very nice for damage.

That's all I can think for now. I'll link the conjunction wiki here. It gives a nice overview of the different conjunctions and has useful info so it's a good read. We could start practising some 6-man straights or uniques in our runs for some variation and to compare effects.

Conjunction Wiki

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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Conjunctions   Sat Jul 18, 2009 12:11 am

I generally do not have problems with hiting right button in right time, but one thing I fully agree: people are lazy overusing 2-3 CJ while only a bit more more complcated CJs (clockwise straights, as Wilgo mentioned) are far more effective.
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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Conjunctions   Sat Jul 18, 2009 6:41 am

Thanks Janne for taking the time to explain everything. Your argument is sound and backed up with your usual excellent understanding of game mechanics (gawd I sound like a teacher Laughing ) Anyway, I hereby make you (pending Jacek's approval) our Conjuction Drill Sargeant! I for one will be mapping my keys as instructed. You will be responsible for selecting appropiate FMs in liason with the run leader and advising us to make sure we get it right Wink One thing you need to do better mate is warning in advance as it's hard to get it right 'off the cuff' .

All keys now mapped, will test out nicely in Helegrod

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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Conjunctions   Sat Jul 18, 2009 11:20 am

Thanks for devoting your time to writing this guide, Janne - excellent work Smile. I completely agree with Steve - if you're willing, you can take responsibility for conjuctions in our runs. I'm going to bind keys as soon as I log in.

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PostSubject: Re: Guide to Conjunctions   

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Guide to Conjunctions
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