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 Meneias: A tale of an Alrenstoak

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PostSubject: Meneias: A tale of an Alrenstoak   Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:02 pm

Chapter one: An end, and a beginning

"If your mother heard you speaking these things, she would not be able to rest in peace, how dare you criticise the way our fatherland is governed! The same blood that provided us with victories, food, and pride, you now insult without reason?!"

" Why can't you be like your brother! Your brother fought for Gondor, and stood his ground!"

"And where IS he now , Father?! Where is our beloved Marathel?! He fell, for no reason! He was not even given the propper respect of Burial, HOW CAN YOU CALL THAT pride?! How can you call that victory?!" Meneias replied in an angry tone

''There is NO point of staying here, Father! Denethor sits on his throne, and by Gondor's might does nothing! His mind is in more shadow than the Dark Lord's himself! I will not stand and see my fellows getting slain for nothing! I will not stand and fight for something in which I do not believe in!" he now shouted

Meneias' voice calmed, and he continued " A time ago, we thought for glory, for pride, and for freedom! Now we fight for revenge, for money, and for violence! '' a solemn expression now grasped his visage

''I will not hear such language, close your mouth immediately, there will be no dirt coming out of an Alrenstoak!" now his father's face red, blood vessels surfacing out of his skin,

"If you must blindly follow those who lead you into demise, to be an Alrenstoak, then I will leave the name,and Gondor, far behind me!"

"GET OUT! NEVER COME BACK!" " You are not my son! You are a monster!" The father shouted as loud as he could. He then left the room, muttering to himself, about that seemed to be beyond his son's apprehension

Meneias closed the door of the beautiful house, and started walking southwards, with nothing but a tear on his face. Having come to the stable, the young soldier whistled twice in a distinct tune. In moments, a light brown horse, with eyes of emerald beauty, and the White Tree painted across its sadle, ran out in excitement. Meneias mounted Elenia and started slowly walking southward to the gate.

The beautiful horse was worried, as this was not normally the path, or behaviour it was used to. It was being lead out of the White City for the first, and so it seemed last time. As the final lanes of the mighty city neared the couple, Meneias felt a sense of regret, as all the moments at which he and his brothers in arms had fought bravely, for freedom of the Free Peoples, flashed before his mind. He then almost felt like turning back. But it was too late, and a decision had been made. Meneias knew he would be alone, for a while at least, but that is something he was prepared to endure. And he would not be alone, oh no, for Elenia is more than a way of transport, more than a simple horse... He peered into his daypack, and let his fingers slide over the smooth velvet skin of his Hauberk. He threw away the last memories of unison and order away, he would no longer be part of it.. The gate opened and as the young soldier rode out he couldn't help but notice the stares that the citizens were giving him, they were persecuting him, for deserting his land, for leaving his brothers. He now felt unwelcomed and no longer wanted to return, only to leave.

Meneias whispered to his mount.. "It will be fine, my friend, it is now the end of the first chapter" Elenia shook her head, and the now young man, or lore-master as he preferred to call himself said reassuringly "Do not worry, for as one chapter ends, another begins". The horse now steadied and picked up pace. Meneias smiled as the fresh air and atmosphere took hold of him "Let us ride... let us ride to Eriador, there, we will begin our new life, our new lives.."

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PostSubject: Re: Meneias: A tale of an Alrenstoak   Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:31 am

A sad tale indeed my friend...

Great story my friend, hope there some more coming soon.

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PostSubject: Re: Meneias: A tale of an Alrenstoak   Tue Apr 29, 2008 6:51 am

Aye, can't wait for chapter two Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Meneias: A tale of an Alrenstoak   

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Meneias: A tale of an Alrenstoak
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