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PostSubject: Charter of the Last Banner   Charter of the Last Banner Icon_minitimeThu Jul 17, 2008 3:55 am

We are the Brethren of the Last Banner, sworn to protect our lands from the rising shadow. The desire for freedom and independence unites all the free people of Middle –Earth: the Last Banner is a rally point for all those fine elves, hobbits, dwarves and (wo)men who won't go gentle into the dark night and fight against the growing number of invaders, to ensure that light prevails over darkness and that our dreams and ideals are not destroyed and washed away by the rising tide.

1. Role-playing: The Last Banner is a RP kin. We welcome members from all races of the Free peoples, as long as good RP is upheld. As such we fully support the RP policy of Laurelin server, as well as the LRPA charter and code of conduct.

2. The council: The ruling body of the Last Banner is the council. This body is responsible for any major decisions that affect the kin, such as recruitment, events and promotions. Each council member has one vote, majority wins, no abstention possible. Every council member can make proposals that can be voted on by the council. Proposals coming from a non-council member need to be seconded by a council member, who shall represent the case. Before any vote, arguments for and against a case should be heard. Decisions made by council are in force until the council rules otherwise.

3. Structure: The council consists of five members: the three officers, the leader and a 5th member who is voted in by the members of the kin. Candidates for this role are suggested by the council. 5th member serves indefinitely, until he or she resigns or council agrees on a changeover.

4. The leader: The leader acts as the chair of council and the executive force of the kinship. He or she calls the council into session, presides over the proceedings and executes the will of the council. If the council is dissolved or otherwise incapacitated, the leader has the right to make decisions in lieu of the council. This right extends only until a new council is formed. The leader is elected by the council and can serve indefinitely, that is either until he or she steps down and calls for an election or if the council decides on a changeover.

5. Veto: The leader has the right to veto decisions made by council in extreme circumstances that threaten the integrity of the kin. This right to veto is to guard the kin against dangers or extremely foolish decisions. A leader should only use this veto in circumstances where the will of the council goes against the best interest of the Last Banner and should be used cautiously. In a similar vein, council can veto the leader if all four council members agree. If a leader is vetoed, a re-election for leader needs to take place. The veto against a leader (vote of no confidence) is for extreme circumstances only, where the acts of the leader go against the best interests of the Last Banner. This system of check and balances is in place to ensure that the interests of the Banner are constantly upheld and are the focus of all decisions.
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