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 screenies part 3

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PostSubject: screenies part 3   screenies part 3 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 22, 2009 11:05 am

[img]screenies part 3 ScreenShot00055[/img]

[img]screenies part 3 ScreenShot00058[/img]

[img]screenies part 3 ScreenShot00060[/img]

[img]screenies part 3 ScreenShot00072[/img]

[img]screenies part 3 ScreenShot00072[/img]

[img]screenies part 3 ScreenShot00074[/img]

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Gondor! Gondor, between the Mountains and the Sea!
West Wind blew there; the light upon the Silver Tree
Fell like bright rain in gardens of the Kings of old.
O proud walls! White towers! O wingéd crown and throne of gold!
O Gondor,Gondor! Shall Men behold the Silver Tree,
Or West Wind blow again between the Mountains and the Sea?
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screenies part 3
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